Flight Line Enterprise, LTD. continues to seek it’s goal through share offerings to secure its financing. To aid in the process, we have created a new membership club with benefits for those who purchase 5,000 shares or more of F.L.E. stock. Club members will receive “VIP” treatment along with other benefits. Because of design, space, and logistics we can only offer 100 memberships. Some investors already qualify for membership so availability is limited. If you are interested we ask that you please contact us as soon a possible to participate in this new "VIP" offer.
Any investor that purchases 5,000 or more shares of our common stock, will be entitled to receive the following benefits.
  1. The investor’s name inscribed on a propeller that will be displayed on the wall of the main entrance to the proposed facility. (See images below)
  2. A 15% discount Club Membership Card good for purchases made by the investor at our proposed gift shop or restaurant (these discount privileges are nontransferable)
  3. VIP Club Table reservations for the investor with a maximum seating of four at our proposed restaurant (this privilege is nontransferable)
  4. A desk-set prop-shaped letter opener inscribed with “Prop Club Member” on the tray. (See images below)
Each member’s name will be inscribed upon an authentic - non-serviceable - real size wooden or metal propeller. Each propeller will be mounted upon the main entranceway wall for all visitors to view and read. In addition to the propellers, a wall plaque will be hung dedicating “Thanks” to members support and contribution in helping create the new facility. The entrance way can only provide room enough for 25 Propellers. We will be able to inscribe only 4 names on each propeller. Because of this space limitation, we can only allow a maximum of 100 members. So… If you are interested, please act quickly. A few investors currently qualify for membership so availability is limited.
Wooden Propeller

Metal Propeller

Both useful and impressive, this quality cast metal letter opener replicates the steel propeller used on the Spirit of St. Louis for Lindbergh's historic flight. It even features a chromed, hand-polished finish and fine details such as Hamilton Standard decals on each blade - just like the original! Propeller is 9½" long. This walnut tray makes an ideal display and storage piece for the Hamilton Standard Propeller Letter Opener. Tray measures 10"x 1"x 1½".
Hamilton Standard Letter Opener

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