We have received a bank proposal for financing to build the facility to doors open. However, we can not close on the proposal unless we raise 25% of the total project budget. The bank financing is expected to fund enough to cover the construction costs of the facility. The additional 25% needed will also go towards covering operating expenses for the first year.


By selling shares of our common stock in a registered small corporate offering. This is called a SCOR Disclosure Document.

We have organized as a C-Corporation under the name “Flight Line Enterprise, LTD.” This format enables us to sell shares in a small corporate registered offering to raise working capital for the company. We are now offering our shares of common stock to you, to obtain the 25% of financing needed. Here is your chance to be a part of this new facility and to help make it happen. Your investment will make you a “Shareholder” of common stock in this new company. Our common stock can not be publicly sold or traded. We can only sell our common stock to the people we reach directly and we only have 925,000 shares available to offer.

So act quick before they are gone!
  1. As the business grows and prospers we hope our shares will increase in value. Investors could potentially make a profit on the shares if they so chose to sell them in the future. However, there is no guarantee. We also hope that by the end of fiscal year 5, the business will be strong and successful enough to permit us to pay out some type of dividends to all investors as a gesture of Thanks for their initial investment and believing in this venture. Again… a potential chance to earn some extra money. However, we can not provide any assurance that the company will be in a financial position to pay any dividends at any point in time.
  2. The north metro is now the fastest growing area in the Twin Cities, especially within the city of Blaine. 1,000's of single family homes have been built in within the past few years. Medtronic completed it's 6 story 880,000 square foot building just a few blocks south of our intended location. It hosts over 3,600 employees. Less then 1 mile away is the new Wells Fargo corporate banking facility. It currently has around 2,000 employees. In addition to these businesses, there are three industrial parks adjacent to the airport. Combined, they have an estimated 4,000 employees. So... within an eight block radius, there are currently 10,000 employees wanting meals or company meeting space. This is in addition to the existing satellite businesses and visitor traffic. We feel now is the time that this expansion and tremendous area growth will support a facility such as ours. See "Demographics" page to confirm area statistics.
  3. This is your chance to be a part of this new company – a way to say that “I helped make this happen.” This aviation community has wanted a restaurant for a very long time, and we believe now that the airport and surrounding community can support one. At this point in time, this project will not get off the ground without community support.
  4. Anoka County Airport is a very unique field; the proof is all around us. We frequently see newspaper articles on different aircraft from local pilots & owners. In May of "05" the Anoka County Airport was featured in the Air & Space Smithsonian magazine as one of this country's most unique airports. With such an airport, why don’t we have an entity of any sort? One of the most unique airports in the country yet nothing like this to support it, Now is a chance to have one!
Each share of common stock will be sold for $1.00. Our securities lawyer has instructed us to accept minimum purchases of 1,000 shares or more. The three reasons for this level are:
  1. There is a legal expense in creating each share certificate, so it costs Flight Line Enterprise each time those documents are created for the new share holder.
  2. We have a limited number of shareholders allowed in this offering. So if we reach our maximum number of holders before we reach our financial goal we would not be able to secure the construction financing to build the facility.
  3. The share purchase rate of 1,000 or more will help us reach our goal of selling 925,000 shares which is needed to secure our final phase of financing. The sooner the goal is reached – The sooner we can begin negotiations with the bank to close on the construction financing phase so that construction itself can begin.
We wish to complete the fundraising by Late December so please contact us as soon as possible if you are interested in receiving a copy of the SCOR Disclosure Document and Subscription Form. We would be happy to Postal Mail or Email you (Your choice, its a 78 page, 1.89m PDF file) the information for the purchase of shares. To do so however, we are required to get your mailing address and contact number for our records and future changes updates. Call or Email us as to the method you prefer.
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