20mm Display Projectile





THIS IS AN INERT PROJECTILE! This original projectile was fired in WWII, and was recently gathered from the desert floor of an old firing range and cleaned up for display purposes only.


This War Relic was fired from a an actual Oerlikon cannon back in WWII. These projectiles were recently retrieved from a bombing range in Arizona.  They are practice rounds used to fire at drones for “Anti-Aircraft” training.


These are SAFE INERT PROJECTILES, they are empty practice rounds.


This is an image of a complete cartridge, we sell inert set's of them as well.

During World War II, twin and quadruple Oerlikon mounts were developed, both for army and for navy use. The US Navy operated a quad mount developed for PT boats. Ammunition feed is typically by a 60-round drum magazine on the top of the gun. A trigger in the right-hand grip controls fire. Used cartridges are ejected from below the breech. In a typical single-barrel naval version, it is free-swinging on a fixed pedestal mounting with a flat armored shield affording some protection for the crew. The cannon is aimed and fired by a gunner using, in its simplest form, a ring-and-bead sight. The gunner is attached to the weapon by a waist-belt and shoulder supports. For this reason, some mountings existed with a height-adjustment feature to compensate for different sized gunners. A "piece chief" designates targets and the feeder changes exhausted magazines.




In 1940 the Radioplane Company won an Army contract. They manufactured nearly fifteen thousand drones for the army for anti aircraft practice during World War II.




CLICK HERE for more info and to watch a few videos about this gun.

Each display cartridge measures 3 1/4 inches in length and 3/4 inch in diameter.  This projectile will also come with a small history info sheet, describing the item along with the gun.

$1.85 for shipping and handling.