Welcome to our new Retail Store!



New Flight Line Enterprise Retail Store


FLE has started it's 1st phase if this company by opening an aviation theme retail store. Like our original site development plan, we are selling Books, Models, Prints, toys, military collectables, clothing and tech.




The new store is located at 1033 109th Ave. NE in Blaine.  It's just a few miles north of the Blaine airport, and 4 blocks west of HW 65 in a strip-mall off 109th.

We moved in April 1st, completed our build-out and started selling June 1st.


           We Are Now OPEN!


We are planning to have a "Grand Opening" in the near future.



Update Photos


Here are a few progress photos of

our store since open.  Go to Build-Out to

see our progress photos of getting the store ready. We continue to post changes and improvements to the store, so stay tuned!


Updates since June 1st






Stay Tuned to this page for more progress updates!





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