Welcome to our new Retail Store!



New Flight Line Enterprise Retail Store


FLE is starting the 1st phase if this company by opening an aviation theme retail store. Like our original site development plan, we intend to sell Books, Models (die-cast and plastic), toys, military collectables, clothing and tech.



Location / Date:

The new store is located at 1033 109th Ave. NW in Blaine.  It's just a few miles north of the Blaine airport, and 4 blocks west of HW 65 in a strip-mall off 109th.

We begin the build-out, painting and move-in process April 1st.  It's our hope and goal to be open to the public by mid-May.



Update Photos


Here are a few photos of the unit

as is.  We will post changes and improvements to the store keeping

you informed of our progress.


As is - before move in



Demo day on April 1st!




Ready to start primer coat - April 3rd

First coat of primer going on - April 4th

Removing glass film

First primer coat complete

2nd & 3rd coat of primer on / ready for color - April 5-7


New color going on! - April 8 - 10th



Back room construction - April 11th




Construction complete - April 18th


New cases and shelving  -  May 1st - 4th



New wall slot-board installed  -  May 13th

New back room entrance door  -  May 13th

New back room pallet racking  -  May 19th


Stay Tuned to this page for more progress updates!





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