Mosquitos in Korea




This is a superbly illustrated book with an extensive range of over 1000 rare B&W and Color photographs. A comprehensive pictorial history of fighter nose art, with examples from all major American fighters of the era - Thunderbolts, Lightnings, Mustangs, Kittyhawks, Warhawks and Sabres, as well as some extremely rare examples of Beaufighters, Mosquitos and Spitfires.


The author began his career at the De-Haviland factory in aircraft engineering. He joined the RAAF and was among the first to fly jet fighters serving with No 77 (Fighter) Squadron at Kimpo in Korean during the 1950-53 conflict. He subsequently undertook extensive photographic survey mission in Mosquitos, and served on Neptune P2V5 Maritime aircraft. On leaving the RAAF he enjoyed an extensive civil flying career with Qantas, Malayan Airways and East West Airlines.






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